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ENTRY FEE: $500. Registration fee allows entry of one boat with up to four anglers.  Additional anglers may be added at the rate of $50 per angler. Applications paid with a dishonored check or credit card shall automatically void registration. Checks should be made payable to Fishing for Muscular Dystrophy.


REGISTRATION: You may register at, the Chesapeake Harbour Marina office, or call (410) 268-1969 to have an application emailed to you. Registration closes at 8:00pm the evening before the tournament.

FISHING LOCATIONS: Maryland waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries as allowed by Maryland Department of Natural Resources,

ELIGIBLE FISH & FISHING METHODS: Striped bass only – All fish must be caught by hook and line as described by MD DNR recreational standards. Wire line is allowed as line or leader; dummy lines are permitted; chumming, jigging, trolling, and live-lining will be permitted.

FISHING HOURS: Lines in at 6:00am. You may have your planer boards in, but NO fishing lines may be in the water before 6:00am. Angler must be in line for judging with fish to be presented for judging at Chesapeake Harbour Marina no later 4:00pm.  

WEATHER AND RISK OF LOSS: There is no weather committee. Participants enter the tournament at their own risk and discretion and accept full responsibility for boat, crew, and anglers.  Captains and crew are solely responsible for their decision on their respective vessel.  No refunds will be given for foul weather.

REFUNDS: There will be no refunds unless mandated by law.

WEIGHT MEASUREMENT: For prizes determined by weight, fish must be brought to Chesapeake Harbour Marina for official weigh-in.  The line for the weigh-in station will close at 4:00pm.  Upon Captain’s receipt of the weigh-in, the catch weight will be deemed accurate, final, and agreed to by the Captain. In the event of a tie the fish regestered first will win. All fish are subject to internal and external examination as deemed necessary by the Tournament Committee.  Tournament officials may confiscate or report suspect fish without protest on the part of the Captain or the participant.

FISH PER ANGLER: Each registered angler is allowed to submit one fish for judging,with the exception of the TWT.


PRIZES PER FISH: Each fish can only win one prize, with the exception of the TWT. 

RULE CHANGES: Rules are subject to change up to the start of the tournament.  Rule changes will be disseminated via email and website.  Final set of Rules will be distributed at the Captains’ meeting, which will beheld between 6:00 and 8:00pm the evening before the tournament.

BOARDING AND OFFICIATING: The Tournament Committee reserves the right to: [1] board any boat at any time for inspection; [2] place an "onboard observer" on any boat.  Refusal will result in automatic disqualification of all anglers on the vessel in question.


TOURNAMENT COMMITEE: The committie will be monitoring VHF Channel 71 and available by phone at (410) 268-1969.

SEPARATION OF VESSELS: At no time during tournament fishing hours is a vessel permitted to approach another boat or structure unless authorized by a tournament official or in an emergency situation. Participants may not return with fish for weigh-in after landing or leaving their vessels without the approval of tournament officials.


DISABLED VESSEL: In the event a vessel becomes disabled during the Tournament, the Captain must notify the tournament as soon as possible that their vessel is disabled.  Boats being towed into port must notify a tournament official that their vessel is under tow to remain registered.  Only registered tournament participants may be on board a disabled vessel under tow.  Upon returning to port, the Captain must first check-in with the Dock Master to affirm to the Tournament Committee that their vessel was towed to port and that no one boarded their vessel during the tow.  The Captain must notify a tournament official prior to transferring to another vessel or call (410) 268-1969 and leave your name, time, date and explanation.

DISQUALIFICATION: The Tournament Committee reserves the sole and absolute discretion to disqualify any angler, crew, Captain, registrant or vessel at any time.  Persons may be disqualified from the tournament because of a Rule violation, regardless of the severity of the violation.  All participants agree to abide by tournament Rules and the decisions of the Tournament Committee.  Decisions as to the disqualification or eligibility of any vessel, crew, or fish weighed in shall be made solely by the Tournament Committee and its decisions shall be final and uncontestable.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to disqualify any Captain and crew at any time for misrepresentation made on any application or registration form by any member of the crew, any suspicious activity or unsportsmanlike conduct.  Any boat disqualified shall be so for the entire tournament and shall result in the forfeiture of all tournament fees and prize money even if the disqualification was made after the prize money was awarded.

RISKS AND WAIVERS: Tournament participants accept the risks and dangers involved in such activity, and they acknowledge that unanticipated or unexpected dangers may occur.  Participants agree to indemnify and hold harmless: the tournament, its officers, directors, committee members, its assigns, sponsors, lessees, agents, and employees from any and all liability for any: claim, loss, injury, damage, demand, action, cost, accident, libel, slander, negligence and/or death suffered by any family, crew, boat and/or other persons which may occur during their participation in the Tournament.

FUTURE PROMOTION: Tournament participants consent to the Tournament’s use, without payment or restriction, of any photographs taken during the event of the anglers, boat name, crew’s names, or vessel for any purpose whatsoever.  All photographs submitted to the Tournament shall become the sole property of the Tournament after submission and may be used without compensation.


SPORTSMANSHIP: The Tournament may disqualify any vessel, Captain, crew, participant, or angler who is involved in unsportsmanlike conduct; a knowing violation of the Rules, or for any act(s) for which the Tournament Committee believes warrant disqualification.  At no time shall any boat Captain or crew make verbal or written contracts that in any way involve the splitting of prize money with another vessel.​

TOURNAMENT WITHIN TOURNAMENT (TWT’S): TWT’s are optional. Boat must be registered in main tournament to be eligible to register for TWT’s. Registration for TWT will happen at the Captain's Happy Hour. Prizes will be awarded by boat. TWT will payout  50% of monies received. Winner of the TWT be the greatest combined length of two fish of different lengths. Second, Heaviest Bucket of Fish. No more than 8 fish can be placed in the bucket.  Fish can becaught by seperate anglers on the same boat.


SPONSOR ELIGIBILITY: Owners, Employees, and family members of companies sponsoring Rocksgiving are eligible for all prizes.


TOURNAMENT PARTY & AWARDS CEREMONY: Evening of the tournament from 4:00pm until 8:00pm at Chesapeake Harbour Marina. Registered tournament participants shall receive FREE entry into Tournament Party & Awards Ceremony.  Additional family, friends, and guests will be charged $35 presale and $50 per person at the door.  Register prior to the start of the tournament online or call the office at (410) 268-1969.

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